Bavarian Pretzel


A warm GINORMOUS Bavarian-style pretzel served with mustard and beer cheese

Buffalo Chicken Tenders


4 battered chicken tenders served with our Franks Red Hot Buffalo wing sauce and bleu cheese

Hand cut fries


Our hand cut fries perfectly Cooked to order.
Choice of Dipping sauce Add cheese sauce 3 dollars

Buffalo’ed cauliflower


Flash fried cauliflower florets, buffalo dry rub, cayenne-vinegar sauce, served with a drizzle of lime crema

Onion Petals


Battered and friend onion petals, mesquite spiced with chipotle ranch

Street corn “elotes”


2 roasted corn cobs with ancho aioli, smoked paprika, cotija cheese, cilantro, and a lime wedge

Beer battered fried pickles


House-made and beer-battered, our spears are served with a pickle juice ranch dip

Taco fries


Our hand-cut fries topped with black beans, salsa, cotija cheese, cilantro, and a lime wedge.
Served with chipotle ranch drizzle.

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla


Adobo chicken, shredded cheese, adobo seasoning, pickled peppers, and chipotle ranch.

Pork Shoulder Quesadilla


MAB pork shoulder, house made BBQ sauce, mixed cheese, onions and mesquite seasoning

 Tacos (2)


Served with your choice of rice or black beans.

Choose flour, corn or lettuce wrap (add 50 cents)

substitute any protein for * Impossible Ground Beef for $2.00

Add an additional taco for 2 dollars

Bbq smoked pork shoulder

Smoked pork shoulder, Carolina BBQ, pickled peppers, sliced avocado, cotija cheese, chipotle ranch drizzle

Mojo grilled shrimp

Mojo marinated gulf shrimp, avocado, sliced radish, cotija cheese, cilantro, tomatillo sauce

Grilled fish

Seared white fish, cabbage slaw, pickled peppers, cotija cheese, cilantro, tomatillo sauce, drizzle of lime crema

Adobo chicken

Shredded chicken braised in a rich adobo-pilsner sauce – cilantro, diced onions, tomatillo sauce, cotija cheese

The crispy chicken

Crispy chicken, cabbage slaw, pickled peppers, cotija cheese, cilantro, salsa, and lime crema

Impossible Taco

Seared Impossible Ground with cilantro, diced onion, and house made salsa

Ahi Tuna Taco

Fresh sushi grade Ahi tuna.  Homemade hot corn salsa, shredded dry cabbage, avocado lime crema and a sriracha drizzle. ($2.00 additional)


Fried BBQ Sandwich

Fresh smoked pork, house made coleslaw, Altbier BBQ sauce, and fried onion petals with a mesquite BBQ rub, all served on fresh Breadsmith beer bread

Taco bowl

Choice of protein (pork shoulder, grilled shrimp, or crispy chicken) over Mexican rice, black beans, sliced avocado, pickled peppers, cotija cheese, cilantro, salsa, lime crema

Ancho cobb salad

Crispy lettuce blend, sliced avocado, roasted corn, sliced hardboiled egg, cotija cheese, cilantro, Fritos, lime crema, lime wedge. Choice of dressing. Add protein for $2

MA BLT Sandwich

Fresh beefsteak tomatoes served with EXTRA thick bacon and a touch of cumin mayonnaise over  fresh Breadsmith Texas Toast.


Adobe chicken burrito packed full.  Comes with black beans, Mexicali rice, avocado, house made salsa, Mexican blend cheese, onions, and ancho chili spice.

Add $1 for Impossible Beef or Pork

Ahi Tuna salad

Ahi Tuna with crispy lettuce blend, sliced avocado, cucumber, mango, fire grilled poblano corn, drizzled with chipotle ranch.

MAB Grilled Cheese

Thick cut 3 layer sandwich with 4 different types of cheese and fresh beefsteak tomato, all served on fresh Breadsmith beer bread

Fried Green Tomato


Fresh fried green tomatoes and SC pimento cheese on thick cut toasted Breadsmith beer bread with fresh jalapenos and mesquite seasoning.

Salsa braised black beans

Tomato salsa, black beans, sour cream and cilantro

Mexicali rice

Mexican red rice with cilantro

Mexicali corn

Roasted corn with ancho aioli, cotija cheese, cilantro, lime wedge

Cabbage slaw

Shredded green cabbage, red peppers, with cilantro and lime


Sliced avocado

Avocado sliced fresh-to-order…

Cilantro lime vinaigrette

house-made fresh lime juice, cilantro and the perfect amount of seasoning.

Blue cheese dressing


Chipotle ranch

House-made smokey chipotle peppers with zesty ranch dressing


Honey mustard


Pickle-juice ranch

House-made pickle juice ranch-just trust us… This stuff is crazy good.

Bloody Mary – Pepperoncini Tito’s Bloody Mary served in pint glass garnished with lime and pepperoncini

Smoked Old Fashioned – Redemption bourbon, bourbon cherry, freeze dried orange and smoked in hickory smoke.

Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita – 21 seeds cucumber jalapeño infused tequila, tres agave fresh lime juice garnished with lime and jalapeño.

All Kids Meals $5

Kid’s Quesadilla

Chicken or Just Plain Cheese, served with french fries.

Kid’s Taco

Choose flour or corn tortilla, served with french fries.

Kid’s Walking Taco

Choice of protein with a bag of Frito Lay chips

Kid’s Chicken Crispers

Fried chicken crispers, served with french fries.

Kid’s Grilled Cheese

Thick cut bread with 4 different types of cheese, served with french fries.