Tap Truck Rental

Our Services

We offer wedding services with 1-2 bartenders to serve your guests. Not sure how much you need to order? We can help with that, too. We can also get customized cups and party favors for your events!

Corporate Events
Want to add some excitement to your new corporate event? We bring our vintage tap truck to your venue, serve beverages to your guest, and can even provide customized cups for your event. We can even help recommend how many kegs will be needed for your event.

Need to add an extra flair to an event but have bartending covered? Rent our beer truck for your event. We deliver the truck and support team.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work? 

We have two main services: full service and rental.

Full-service is typically for weddings, corporate events, charities, or parties. MAB will pick up your kegs and provide bar service for your event. We can even help with specialized logoed cups and other items for your event. Call or click for quote below.

Rental is typically for weddings, country clubs, private party’s, HOA’s, or any event that already has a staff to serve guests.  MAB will deliver the truck and pick after the event/rental is over.  Call or click for quote below.

How many kegs do I need for my event? 

A good rule of thumb is for every 100 guests (over 21) you will need 6 sixtels (1/6 kegs). That would give each guest an average of 3 beers for the evening. Depending on what type of beer/wine you want for your event, kegs can range from $60 to $100 per 1/6 keg.

Do you offer half day rentals? 

We offer only full day rentals.  We’d love to offer half day rentals, but delivery and setup (including getting the chiller to serving temps) take time.  It’s really not logistically feasible for us to offer anything other than a full day rental.

Who buys the beer/wine? 

MAB operates under a brewery license so we cannot buy or sell alcoholic beverages. We can help facilitate pick up, deliver, and serve your event but we cannot bring back any unused or open kegs after the event.  We are affiliated with a reseller and can provide you direction on how to purchase for your event.

Can we serve other drinks? 

Yes, anything that goes in a keg we can serve. We can also do nonalcoholic beverages such as spritzers, cold brew coffee, lemonade, and kombucha- really anything that will go into a keg can be dispensed if alcohol liability is the concern.

Are you Insured? 

Yes, we carry liquor liability and general liability insurance.